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Tue, 7 Feb 95 11:49:44 -0500

>Tom Bryder suggests that the interest in Kelly's personal
>interactions and experriences are less than important than his ideas
>when he considers some of the PCP'ers' use of cyberspace. I disagree.
>Kelly emphasized understanding the context in which thoeriees are
>constructed, and I find accounts of the process of his construction
>of constructive alternativism fascinating. I often speak to my
>students with some wonder regarding what Ohio State dept. of psych
>must have been like with Rogers as chair, Julian Rotter as clinicaal
>program director, and Kelly as dir. of the clinic.

Just for the record (and asking Mr. Bryder's indulgence):

Rogers and Kelly did not overlap at O.S.U.

Rotter was Director of the Clinical Program when I was admitted (Spring,
1962), but soon resigned to go to U.Conn (1964).

Kelly succeeded Rotter as Director of the Clinical Program, but soon
resigned (1965) to go to Brandeis (I went along with him).

You are right, however, that it was a very exciting place to be in those days.

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