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Ken Sewell at University of North Texas, provides the recent version of
OMNIGRID (IBM compatible), developed by Jack Adams-Webber and John Mitterer and
modified by Sewell to a new version, for the cost of floppy disk, mailing, and
handling. I am not sure he is currently on the PCP network. His E mail
address is


Dr. Kenneth W. Sewell
Department of Psychology
University of North Texas
Box 13587
Denton, Texas 76203

Regarding conferences I am sure you will hear from other people: this summer
the international meeting in Barcelona Spain, the following summer the North
American meeting (NAPCN) in Banff, Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies.


Rue L. Cromwell

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I'm Tim Connor, a grad student at the Pacific University School of
Professional Psychology. My particular areas of interest are clinical
applications of PCP, especially in the area of family and couple therapy
and "personality disorders." My undergraduate major was anthropology, so
I also have a strong interest in anthro and cross-cultural psychology.
In fact, I guess I became interested in PCP because it was the
psychological theory that seemed most compatible with my anthropological
construct system, when I turned my attention to psychology.

Can anyone tell me where I can find more information on grid analysis
software? Not to mention getting hold of the programs themselves. I've
seen references in articles, but nothing more recent than the late '80s,
and I'm sure there's more up-to-date stuff available somewhere.

I'm also curious about organizations, conferences, and training
opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.