Late introduction

Lois-Marie L. Sugarman (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 10:41:00 -0500 (EST)

Hi! I am a bit late in introducing myself since I signed up a little
while back - and promptly forgot about doing that. My general
professional dicipline is psych/mental health nursing. I am an associate
professor in the College of Nursing at Syracuse University & have a small
clinical practice devoted to individuals & families confronted with
issues of death, loss, transition & change (counseling & consultation). My
most committed interests are in the field of thanatology which got me in
touch with PCP in the mid-eighties while in my doctoral program. My two
gravest issues related to PCP have to do with the fact that central NY
(which all persons must understand does not include east of here with
Albany and Jim Mancuso) is a PCP wasteland; the other issue has to do
with PCP and professional nursing. I don't think there is any such
connection in USA. I would love to hear otherwise if anyone can speak to
this issue.
All the recent discussion is interesting but I feel as if I had
better just listen, observe and think! It is wonderful to find a PCP
environment and culture - thanks, everyone!

Lois Sugarman