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Eva Hudlicka sez:

> Stephen Soldz and I are involved in a study using the rep grid to
> assess change in constructs during psychotherapy. One of the aspects we
> want to look at are people's constructs regarding decision making and/or
> personal change. Has anyone done this type of work before? If so, what
> elements did you use and what types of constructs emerged?
> I was initially thinking of asking people to list important transitions
> in their lives, filter out those that were self-initiated, and use these
> as the elements in a grid.
> Any feedback/pointers to existing literature would be appreciated.

Since your elements will be events in which the person has
participated, you are in essence looking at the structure of a
particular type of project (i.e., those provided by the therapist).
There are a number of constructs that apply to such entities that have
become standard in Personal Projects Analysis (PPA) research & that
have been validated against spontaneously generated constructs. PPA is
a descendant of the repgrid, and is due to Brian Little. His
publications on PPA would be of interest to you, I suspect. You could
start with one of the following:

Little, B.R., (1983). Personal projects: A rationale and method for
investigation. Environment and Behavior, 15, 273-309.

Little, B.R., (1989). Personal projects: Trivial pursuits, magnificent
obsessions and the search of coherence. In D. Buss & N. Cantor
(Eds.) Personality psychology: Recent trends and emerging
directions. New York: Springer- Verlag, 15-31.

Little, B.R., Lecci, L., and Watkinson, B., (1992). Personality and
personal projects: Linking Big Five and PAC units of analysis.
Journal of Personality, 60(2), 501-525.

The Buss & Cantor book would be of particular interest.


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