Re: Decision making/change constructs

Tue, 28 Mar 1995 14:27:05 +0100 (BST)

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, Eva Hudlicka wrote:
> Stephen Soldz and I are involved in a study using the rep grid to
> assess change in constructs during psychotherapy. One of the aspects we
> want to look at are people's constructs regarding decision making and/or
> personal change. Has anyone done this type of work before? If so, what
> elements did you use and what types of constructs emerged?

Eva you may wish to contact Adrian Fox in Information Science at Monash
in Victoria, Australia, who has been completing a PhD involving PCP,
Decision Making and AI. I know he is in the middle of write-up (hang in
there Adrian) but I'm sure he will get back to you as soon as he can.

Good Luck


Malcolm C. Cross
Department of Psychology
City University
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