Resistance to Change Grids

Robin Hill (BSRAH@TWP.AC.NZ)
Tue, 28 Mar 1995 08:54:01 +1100

Lynn Benson: You could always start with Hinkle's unpublished PhD
dissertation (as I did). However, I found a synopsis of Hinkle's
use of resistance to change grids (and other work) in:

Bannister, D. & Mair, J.M.M. (1968) THE EVALUATION OF PERSONAL
CONSTRUCTS. London: Academic Press.

I'm developing interest in Resistance to Change as it occurs in
organisations, and see implications for a PCP approach to this. I
haven't really started researching this yet, but it is becoming more
firmly embedded as a research direction for me. If there appear to
be parallels in your work, then please contact me on e-mail address:

Robin Hill
The Waikato Polytechnic
Hamilton, New Zealand.