introducing myself

Jukka Vapaavuori (
Wed, 17 Jan 1996 09:45:15 +0200 (WET)

my name is Jukka Vapaavuori, I'm new on this list, that's why I
want to introduce myself and tell something about my research interests.
I'm working as a part time clinical psychologist at a psychiatric clinic
in a small town in middle Finland. The name of the town is Suonenjoki. I'm
doing psychotherapy mainly with individuals, giving also supervision,
consultation and lectures. My main orientation is cognitive therapy, but
today I'm more and more interested in constructive psychology and therapy

I'm interested in studying psychotherapy and have made some small
contributions on that area. Specially I would like to study the use of
metaphors in psychotherapy process, a subject on which I already have
started, and more generally, the semiotic aspects and phenomena in
psychotherapeutic discourse.

However, as a part time post-graduate student, I'm now more involved with
my PhD study, which I started 1992. I collected my data as an outside
researcher about a consultation process of a staff group, continuing over
a period of 1 1/2 years. This case material is mainly qualitative,
including joined discussions and interviews. My primary interest is, how
the participants in this 'snagged' staff group change their views and
construing of the conflict with the help of a consultant. Just now I have
a grid data in preparation, included in my case material. I have used a
group version of repertory grid, in which the group members appear as
elements. The change during the consultation period is then what I'm
looking for. The program package I'm using is Flexigrid 2.5.

Recently I'm preparing a manuscript of an article about this grid data.
Here I would like to ask your suggestions and ideas about the potential
journals for publication for this kind of study?? I only know one
favourable, that is Journal of Constructivist Psychology. I welcome all
kinds of contacts, if someone is interested in my topics!

yours sincerely Jukka Vapaavuori

mailing address: Jokirannantie, SF-77600 Suonenjoki, Finland
fax: +358-79-513780