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Chris Evans (
Tue, 23 Jan 1996 09:22:13 +0000

> Hello,
> my name is Jukka Vapaavuori, I'm new on this list,
... bits snipped out ...
Welcome to the list Jukka and thanks for the introduction

> Recently I'm preparing a manuscript of an article about this grid
> data. Here I would like to ask your suggestions and ideas about the
> potential journals for publication for this kind of study?? I only
> know one favourable, that is Journal of Constructivist Psychology. I
> welcome all kinds of contacts, if someone is interested in my
> topics!
I'm certainly interested in your topics. Other journals that come to
mind are:
British Journal of Medical Psychology (ISSN 0007-1129)
(the name is a very poor guide to its content and
intentions but historically dear to some of us. The
emphasis is on all interpersonal issues, particularly
psychotherapy. It has published quite a few grid
studies over the years)
Psychotherapy Research (ISSN 1050-3307)

There are others but I generally find I can face preparing a
manuscript if I have three possible targets. Fewer than that and the
whole process just feels too vulnerable and overcharged! Good luck.

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