Re: Corrupted file

Chris Evans (
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 12:42:08 +0000

Jim has kindly pointed out that the zip archive for CIRCUMGRID III
that I mounted was corrupt and cannot be unpacked. I had just
transferred the file mounted at the CTI archive without checking it
(mea culpa) and it seems that their copy is corrupt. I have found an
older copy lurking on my hard disk which does compress. The copy I
have has file dates 1.1.80 for most files but references a
publication from 1986 so that's clearly not accurate dating! If you
think you have a more recent copy of CIRCUMGRID that you are willing
to pass on to me then I'd be interested to know. The usable archive
is now up at:

and there's some introduction to grids up as:

Sorry about the carelessness and thanks Jim,


> Chris, Thanx for posting the Grid materials on your page. You may
> wish to check CIRCGRID.ZIP. Two downloads of the file ended up with
> internal corruption errors in each. Had no trouble with
> nor so I don't believe the errors in
> were because of transmission faults. Pkzipfix could
> not repair them either. Again, thanks for your efforts. -cu
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