Pro/fusions of Practice

Kenneth Gergen (
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 12:01:56 +0100

At the PCP meetings in Barcelona last summer there was a very active
discussion of the congeniality and tensions between constructivist
psychology and social constructionism. For anyone interested in furthering
these discussions, and particularly in learning and sharing more in the
domain of intersecting practices of therapy, organizational development,
education, counselling, etc., I would like to share an announcement of a
forthcoming conference:
In collaboration with The Houston Galveston Institute of Therapy
The Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University
NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science

The Taos Institute Announces a Conference


Social Construction in Action

April 10-14 Taos, New Mexico
Taos Civic Center

The Taos Institute is a pueblo, or community, of scholars and
practitioners who have joined together to explore, develop and extend
constructionist ideas in a variety of settings. Founded five years ago, the
Institute has hosted several meetings and conferences, and been involved in
diverse consultancy relationships. Taos is the home for many of our
activities because we deeply appreciate its enchanting beauty and
hospitable people. Our conferences are noted for their sensory focus -
great dialogue, food, art, music, vistas, skiing, hikes, rituals, and
Pro/Fusions of Practice is the theme for the third spring confrence
hosted by the Taos Insitute. This is an opportunity to explore ways of
integrating constructionist ideas into a variety of fields, but especially
in therapy, organization development, counseling, education, social
activism, and spiritual practices. In the spirit of a learning community,
participants are invited to join with Taos Institute speakers and special
guest in leading sessions, making presentations, or guiding experiential
activities. We hope for a rich sharing of practices related to
constructionist themes such as: narratives in therapy, transformative
dialogues, the politics of practice, appreciative inquiry, revisioning
leadership, relational responsibiilty, spirituality in relationships,
discourse and conflict, and postmodern dimensions of practice.
We intend to integrate into the agenda all program proposals
relevant to the themes of the conference.
Among the Taos Insitute coordinators are: Harlene Anderson,
director of the Houston Galveston Insitute and co-author of Language
Systems and Therapy; David Cooperrider, Assoc. Professor of Organizational
Behavior, Case Western Reserve University, and head of the Global
Excellence in Management program; Mary Gergen, Assoc. Professor of
Psychology at Penn State University and editor of Toward a New Psychology
of Women; Kenneth Gergen, Professor of Psychology, Swarthmore College, and
author of Realities and Relationships; Sheila McNamee, Assoc. Professor and
Chair, Dept. of Communication, University of New Hampshire, and co-editor
of Therapy as Social Construction, and Diana Whitney, president of Whitney
Consulting Co., writer and lecturer on postmodern and spiritual challenges
to contemporary organizations. Special guests this year will include Peggy
Penn and Marilyn Frankfurt, from the Ackerman Institute in New York,
specialists in narratives and therapeutic change.
Registration cost, including meetings, refreshments, museum buffet,
and dinner dance is $375; Student fee $175; guest fee for all social events
Continuing education certificate for 18 credits available.
For further information Fax: 505-751-1233
Phone: 505-751-1232