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Rue L. Cromwell (cromwell@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU)
Sat, 17 Feb 1996 19:20:21 +0000

Beautiful and insightful words. Thanks for sharing them. I think Fay
Fransella also gave a good idea of Kelly's missionary zeal in her new recent


>I've watched on the side lines and had a short exchange with Bob Neimeyer
>on this discussion having reminded myself of what Kelly wrote in his 1955
>book on the psychological space. The chapter was intended for clinicians,
>as he so clearly says and includes a mathematical exploration of how to
>set about looking at it, but he introduces the concept of 'psychological
>space' by describing how it is to do with the 'fabric of society'. Later
>in the chapter (I do not have it here so can't give references) he goes
>into how our interactions with others differ, constructs along with them,
>depending on who we are with.
>When I rehearse ideas like these, written down so clearly in the original
>text, I find it not hard at all to see both social constructionist
>notions and Kellyan ideas as part of a view point which subsumes them
>both. Coming to Kelly as I have done after half a century of messing
>around with other ideas, it seems abundantly obvious to me that his 1955
>was a teaching book, a missionary document, with conversion as its
>purpose, intended too as a framework for clinicians. The richness of ideas
>which run like threads of gold through the text is quite incredible to a
>newcomer. I've often thought that if we took out and held up for public
>examination, rather than the fundamentals, the poetic, romantic too
>if you like, notions that Kelly slipped in here and there (like 'riding
>the darting moment'), we might have a stronger basis from which to argue,
>as some of us do, that PCT is not incompatible with or inconsistent with
>social constructionism and that Kelly's exposition of it has the power of
>psychoanalytic notions which have received a great deal of literary
>I wonder too if 'levels of analysis' is what this is about. I've used the
>metaphor of the seeing eye in thinking about this myself. Where do you
>place the camera?
>Gwyneth Daniel
>University of Reading

Rue L. Cromwell