Re: Greetings

R. A. Neimeyer, U of Memphis (neimeyerra@MSUVX1.MEMPHIS.EDU)
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 13:39:33 -0600

Just wanted to reassure Bill Chambers that the network is owned by nobody
(or everybody), and that everyone can play at this ball game. I'd even be
happy to shake your hand again!

On a substantive note, Bill, what do you see as the most promising
approaches to analyzing conventional repertory grids (those that use both
elements and constructs)? I know you've given a lot of thought to such
questions, and I'd like to pass on your advice on analysis packages or
strategies when students or others pose the question. My guess is that
others on the network would also be interested in discussing this.

While I have read the major reviews of grid technique (Sewell, Bringmann,
Beail, Fransella & Bannister, etc), I still think we could use a
methodologically-oriented piece that considers alternative
programs/analyses for different grid formats (construct-only grids vs.
construct by element grids; rating vs. ranking procedures, etc.) and
perhaps compares their output/convergence for a sample data set. Does
anyone know if this has been done systematically? I typically see much
more selective reviews, usually without independent analysis of the
programs discussed. Just a thought.

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