Tue, 20 Feb 1996 11:47:05 -0500

Hi! My name is Bill. I was introduced to PCP in 1974 by Frances Cook. Frances
was a graduate of Brunel. She was a very good psychologist. She taught me
lots. I read lots of PCP stuff and worked very hard developing a measure of
personal construct logical consistency. I went to India and used Kelly grids
and Peoget to study kids. I got a little hungry when the money ran out. Then
I wrote a Critique of Kelly as my senior thesis. With my BA I built cabinets
and wooden machines that analyzed grids- for a year. Then I studied under
Mike Arons ( a student of Kelly's) and wrote my MA thesis on Creativity and
PCP.It used lots of stuff from Peoget and Chomskey and people like that. Then
I studied under Franz Epting. My dissertation was on personal construct
integrative complexity. Greg Neimeyer was on my committee, too. I shook hands
with Bob one time. I did not get the blessings of the bandwagon. I got jobs
in academic dumps. I published 30 or so articles where I could. I used lots
of statistics and stuff. I criticized death threat theory and ordination. I
wrote a naughty poem. I made some important people mad by costing them money
by giving away Circumgrids. I am not sorry but I have been diagnosed and
judged by the nice people. I am unemployed now for several years. I was
thinkin that maybe since the old boys might not own the baseball bat you guys
are playing with that maybe you would let me play too. I kinda like thinkin
about Kelly's stuff. Do you like page 177 of Kelly's PCP? I do. I can not
afford to see you at the vacation hot spots. I am crazy, ya know- and poor.
I am obssssessssionnnal about whether or not PCP is valid or is just a
marketing scheme for ppeople who get offffff on pretttty wooords they do not
understand. I talk to george a lot. Poor George.


Poor Bill Chambers