Re: Truths about Lies about Lies
Thu, 29 Feb 1996 15:07:50 -0500
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Dr .Anderson,
I am glad to hear you say that you are not a cult follower and
that you are interested in ideas, not simply in affiliations. =

I should be cheered for daring to speak of truth to the =

bandwagon but I do not expect anything but disdain. I am =

angry and disgusted by the bandwagon. The ad hominem is =

the modus operandi of the bandwagon and I have simply given =

them a taste of what they have been dishing out to others for =

years. The real difference is that I am not lying. I know that =

means nothing to the enlightened few who grovel at the =

leaders feet. Truth is important to some of us and I will defend =

her even at the expense of your esteem for me. I am sure you =

must be very busy up there at Vanderbilt being an important =

professor and all with many affiliations. You might not have too =

much time to actually think about the ideas I have proposed in =

these postings and over the years in articles. But try, Dr. =

Anderson, to show a little interest in works that cost some =

of us years of labor and have left us with out so many =

affiliations to boast about.
What do you think of my mandala grid, the bandwagon grid, =

integrative complexity, logical consistency, the measurement =

of contradictions and lies and of the effects of randomness on the =

logic and integrative complexity of grids? Try not to be too =

hard on me personally. Just ask the boys, I'm crazy, after all.
Tim, it may be wrong to clump you with the bandwagon. If so, =

I apologize, especially if I have in someway placed doubt on
your integrity. I will attempt to treat you with the respect that we
all deserve, at least those of us who do not dismiss other's pain
as mere ad hominems, anger, and logic. I put many years into
the very unglamorous work of learning and experimenting with =

personal construct psychology. How is it that my work and
others has been ignored over the years, while the shallow
hubris of self promoting leaders has been so celebrated? =

The Kelly cult stinks. Experience it and consider what =

Sartre would say through the nausea of us lesser beings.
Bill Chambers =