Re: Truths about Lies about Lies
Thu, 29 Feb 1996 22:59:33 -0500
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You seem to have a problem with other people who =

are in pain. It appears to be frustrating to you, to the =

point of being painful. You pity yourself for suffering =

the self pity of someone in pain since "a long long =

time ago." People on the go frequently have little =

patience with people in pain. You see, some pain does =

not go away easily, if at all. I remember my daughter's =

face as she was dying in that hot, unairconditioned =

house. See, the bandwagon had destroyed my career =

for questionning Bob and Al and Franz. We did not have =

enough money to cool the house. It does not seem like =

such a long time ago that she was laughing and then =

suddenly pain covered her beautiful face. I do not want =

to forget her face, either laughing or in pain. You should =

try to be more patient. Some day the bell will toll for you =

and then the emptiness of a moment will fill with wonder =

and love and horror. And then nothing. You will pour =

vacuum from the empty into the vacant, and all over =

again. Hoping. Crying. Then, perhaps, later, you will =

sense the being of nothingness, the being beyond the =

material things of people on the go. Do not be to hard =

on yourself when you look back. You will be forgiven =

through your pain and fulfillment in nothing. =

Bill =