Re: Truths about Lies about Lies
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 23:36:21 +0000

Oh crumbs, Bill,

of course I'm impatient.

Who wouldn't be, when you allow your own pain to get in the way of the
clarity with which you respond to other peoples' material on the topic you
Who wouldn't be, when the other correspondents go off on an intellectual
tangent about "truth" because they're too bloody embarassed (or, sure, just
conceivably. maybe, possibly, I dunno, _guilty_) to address the issues you

Okay, I take your point. Having expressed my pissed-off frustration with
the thread, it's time I was constructive. You say

>You see, some pain does
>not go away easily, if at all. I remember my daughter's
>face as she was dying in that hot, unairconditioned
>house. See, the bandwagon had destroyed my career
>for questionning Bob and Al and Franz. We did not have
>enough money to cool the house. It does not seem like
>such a long time ago that she was laughing and then
>suddenly pain covered her beautiful face. I do not want
>to forget her face, either laughing or in pain.

Would it be possible, d'you think, to explain how the "bandwaggon had
destroyed" your career? I realise that the kind of evidence which
establishes a solid case beyond the bounds of litigation may be difficult
to marshal in a written medium, and only you can judge whether it's
possible to put together a case which would illuminate the issue.

If it isn't, and you nevertheless continue to believe they did you wrong,
why on earth continue to care about the Kellians? Why not write us all off
as shits and abandon us as a reference group? Why cause yourself more pain
by continuing to care about what we think?

Kindest regards,