Int. Assocn. for Forensic Psychotherapy (and lies!)

Chris Evans (
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 21:08:49 +0000

I have mounted the first newsletter of the International Association for
Forensic Psychiatry at our site. The contents page is at:

Jo-anne Carlyle and I co-edit the newsletter. This issue
contains some history of the organisation as well as the full text of
the excellent "founder's lecture" from the fourth annual conference
at Glasgow in 1995. Pat Gallwey is a Kleinian analyst and forensic
psychiatrist who has his own very interesting view of some of the origins
of violence and murderousness. He pulls together Klienian and
attachment theoretical views to produce a fascinating critique of
traditional theories of the "death instinct". This is very far from
a PCP viewpoint and I'd be very interested to see what PCP people
think of it. Forensic work is always close to issues of lying,
and mauvais foi (?sp?) I suspect many people on this list would find
the lecture hard to take but I'd be interested in views.

The details of the 1996 conference in Ulm in Germany are now clear and
are also mounted here and in the conference section of the site.

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Other pieces include information on forensic psychotherapy developments
around the world, a piece on why I think forensic psychotherapy
and the Internet may need one another and invitations for new submissions!

We would very much appreciate feedback on the newsletter and the
associations _WELCOMES_ new members of all theoretical backgrounds
and locations.

Best wishes,

Chris Evans

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