Re: truth
Fri, 01 Mar 1996 19:27:36 -0500 (EST)

I'm quite puzzled by what is going on here, ladies and gentlemen.

I can read, like all of use, the surface texts, but what is it

I've been lucky and had responses, a newcomer too, and
a female at that, a part-timer toboot and not even a PhD
yet, if I ever get that far.

But 'there have been gracious and courteous responses
but perhaps not a flurry of world-wide interest, like
great idea, in chorus, aljthough I'm not looking for that.

It strikes me that it's something to dow ihtw with the
end of the winter in the northern hemisphere, but
thatwouldn't be fair either because there are some serious
ideas around about inaccessibility, fraternity, being heard
(sorry about hte typos) that apply to any established
branch of science. There's another way of construing this.
Maybe PCP has come of age. Those who grew up with Kelly
and their immediate, older offpsring, are doing what
all grown ups do, nod sagely, and listen to the new
generation fulminate but in their own groupings that are
familiar and comoftable.

What do people usually do in siutations like this.
Levinson studied it and wrote about it. They go off
armed with their spears and do something else, completely
different, but are unable to shake off the legacy of their
youth. I guess if people feel shut out, I'd say go make
your own nest.

If you do, can I please join in? I'd like to be able to
pop back and forth from the 'wrinklesi try again wrinklies group
to the other one.

Sorry to be so frivolous, but there's a great deal of sadness
for me in this all. I feel it too, but don't know what to do.

Gwyneth Daniel
University of Reading
PhD programme, Faculty of Education and Community Stuides