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You may misunderstand my intentions. I am a Kellian and have been since 1=
I wrote my senior thesis, masters thesis, and PhD dissertation on Kelly. =
an undergradute I conducted research in England and in India, spending wh=
little savings I had to go to India. I am lucky to have made it back to
England overland on $100. I got very ill and had more than one machine gu=
pointed at me in places like Iran. I crossed this distance with a backpac=
full of Kelly materials and Piaget books. I am a strong man. After my
graduate studies I published many publications on personal construct
theory.One was a criticism of Death Threat Theory. Another early publicat=
questioned the validity of Landfield's ordination measure. For these my
career was eventually destroyed. I co-authored a software package that
performs many different types of grid analyses. When Circumgrids was firs=
developed, some of the measures were unavailable and all cost serious mon=
I gave Circumgrids away free to about 500 individuals who have requested =
from me. All of them have permission to distribute Circumgrids at no cost=
I understand Chris Evan's has posted it on the net. Who knows how many
people, if any are using it. But in my mind, the thing is, they could if =
wanted to, even those without the funds to gamble to buy the more expensi=
I am not posting these things to make friends on the net, although I welc=
such relationships should they arise. I am posting these messages in orde=
r to
facilitate the scientific and intellectual progress of personal construct=

theory. I will mock and imitate and confuse and humor people until the c=
of the bandwagon is broken. I have done this many times in other contexts=
=2E I
know what I am doing and I know the dangers. I also know the potential
rewards for those who finally see the joke and turn to the wonderful sear=
for truth and goodness. I did not learn this from the Kelly cult, I did l=
some of it from Kelly's works, however. =

In this country a person who goes it alone in the face of corruption is
likely to be punished. I was punished for my integrity.My family was puni=
for my integrity. I am going to do what I can to make sure others in the=

future and others I know in the present do not suffer the same fate becau=
of their interest in George Kelly's work. I'll probably fail but the batt=
will be worth even failure. The bandwagon does not own Kelly. I do not ow=
Kelly. I don't want to own Kelly. I want to see the psychology of persona=
constructs develop as a science, not as a marketing scheme for the
scientifically corrupt advancement of self serving showman who are steal=
a wonderful theory from people who could benefit from it.
Devi, I am not out to get you. A friend, in fact, gave me a very good
recommendation of you last night on the net. I do believe you are afraid =
Bob Neimeyer and Co. That makes me angry. They have separated me from a f=
mind; yours. It is not the first time they have come between people. For=

many years I have published in whatever journals the bandwagon does not
"own", articles clearly addressing key issues in personal construct theo=
By shunning my work, the bandwagon condemned my career and the issues I h=
tried to uncover.And they kept people like the two of us apart. You may =
this is not so, but I ask you, why have you and I not argued Kelly over a=

glass of beer at some conference in the past? Why have you not tested my
ideas and me yours, and published the results- what ever they may have be=
How many talented people have been driven out of construct theory? Take a=

long look at the more interesting studies in the history of PCP. Many, if=
most of the authors did not stick around. Do you know that others,
independent of my influence, have been calling the PCP folks a cult in re=
years. Why?
The consequences of the bandwagon to me, may family, to the therapy pati=
of PCP folks, to students and to psychologists with integrity has been v=
high- much higher than the bandwagon knows or wants to admit. The bandwa=
craves to be adored. This is typical of many tyrants everywhere and at a=
times. Not being able to play the love game fair, for example, by sound
scholarship, they coerce others into a sick kind of compliance and facade=
friendship. Lacking any commitments to truth and principles, they are not=

accountable nor really responsive to issues of truth. Without truth, the=
can be no true love. =

It has been very painful for me to mention my daughter over the net. Unti=
these postings, I have spoken with no one but a few of my closest friends=

about my pain. And that was usually more for their benefit than my own. S=
was much loved by those who knew her. I do not need pity from any of you.=
died two years ago. Nothing you can say will bring her back. I mention my=

daughter because it takes something as dramatic as a child's death for so=
people to take notice of the consequences of the kind of politics that
characterizes the bandwagon. . And they are partly responsible for some o=
her suffering.
As long as I follow the mathematical/scientific strategies I have expres=
for 20 years, I will be ignored and the ideas will be ignored. Leaders in=

scientific endeavors have a responsibility to recognize sound , potential=
important research. They get the rewards, let them carry the weight of
leadership. By bringing up my daughter, I get people's attention. By play=
crazy, I get people's attention. I do not get people's attention with the=

mathematics of grids and the philosophical implications of this mathemati=
Now, after I finally get their attention, I can begin to shift the dialog=
from the irrational "loaded language" that typifies the Kelly cult to
rational, sincere dialogue. But it is useless to speak exclusively so to =
people. They play you for a fool and dismiss you. I have made that mistak=
for years. So I pull out my memories of James Joyce and Rabelais, and go =
work as a conceptual guerilla fighter. My very use of the term Kelly cul=
t is
embarrassing to the bandwagon because it sticks in the minds of people
watching from the sidelines.
I do not know where you come from. I assume it is Poland and that you ha=
witnessed a lot of bad and a lot of brave things. If I have to make a
spectacle of my self to bring more truth into personal construct theory, =
I will do so. You see, I am not looking for grandious gratification.I wa=
to talk with some rational and responsible people about construct theory.=

You are a bright guy. Judging from the stream of consciousness you shared=

with me in your private posting, I would also venture that you are a good=

person. You can admit that maybe you were wrong about some things. Well D=
maybe I have been wrong about somethings, as well, but on balance I have=

been a gentle man and a scholar. But enough is enough. I will no longer s=
by and watch the rape of personal construct psychology and those who need=
deserve it. Neither you nor anyone else is going to shut me up by persona=
attackes. What the hell else do you think you can do to me? Has it occure=
d to
any of you that I might be a good and reasonable man?
Do you not think it odd that no one seems willing to discuss my work? Is =
not strange to you how a person of my intelligence, industry and commitme=
to personal construct psychology has been so ignored in the literature an=
d in
the organizations? For one minute will you grant me the respect to assume=

that I am not just wallowing in self pity because I am not at the helm of=
bandwagon? Coming up as I did in the University of Florida, do you not th=
that I could not have gone a long way by kissing butt and turning my back=
the less fortunate people who pay the bills for the bandwagon? =

Devi, be brave. Your public attack on me was probably cheered by a few of=
bandwagon but most people on the net probably perceived your attack as ha=
hearted and as evidence of the kind of cruelty I have been alluding to as=

typical of the bandwagon- when the neon lights go out. You need to show
everyone the humility that shows through your private posting to me. What=

could demonstrating compassion and intellectual integrity hurt? If there =
is a
problem in Bill Chambers little mind, why not solve it.Show everyone that=
are not afraid of what he has to say. Good people respect a person's abi=
to admit they are wrong. It is a sign of maturity and goodness. Be sincer=
e in
your approach and you will win the respect of those people you should car=
about. =

Have more confidence in Kelly's work and the potential for better PCP in =
future. Try an experiment. Treat me like a good and worthy person who ha=
given much to construct theory and has some interesting ideas to share. I=
f I
act like a nut, show tolerance. If I wallow in pain, show compassion. Act=

from a position of decency and strength, not from smug and hostile disdai=
Be the bigger man who tamed Bill Chambers. Act this way on the net. See w=
If your political situation will not allow you to do this right now, I w=
continue to speak privately with you on the net. Some things take time. I=

will take the time to be your colleague and if we are both lucky, your
friend. But don't ask me to lie or to betray weak and innocent people. I
would rather die. =

Thank you for writing me. I hope we communicate again, as friends.

Sincerely and with Warm Regards,