Truth, lies, cults etc

04 Mar 1996 10:47:47 -0500

On February 28, Bill Chambers\BillJanie (apologies if I got this
muddled up) wrote,

"... First, all of the responses, except for Bob's initial
response acknowledging my invitation, have avoided me as the
source and a relevant member in the inquiry. Aside from being in
poor taste and rather adolescent, it illustrates the role of
denial and repressions and possibly oppression at work in the


Aspects of your experience appear to have been shared by others,
and if this has been of benefit to others on the list fair
enough. However, there also seems a personal element which it
seems to me is more appropriately addressed privately to the
persons concerned. I say this for two reasons, 1) I suspect the
very past invalidation that you have spoken of will occur again
as others do not show enough interest in the continuing barrage
of posts on this issue and, 2) I doubt that it is oppression or
denial if someone does not respond to a post as expected. I do
not think anyone can hope for people to respond as they wish them
to, this seems a recipe for further frustration.

Regarding whether the cult is closing ranks this almost seems
like a self fulfilling prophesy. If my son throws enough rocks
at someone's house there will be a reaction sooner or later,
whether this is a cult response is another matter. I would agree
that there is something of a Kelly cult, though not in the sense
you may mean. Rather I think the cult like quality is manifest
in the subsequent uncritical acceptance of aspects of Kelly's

I don't have your personal experience of academia, though have
subscribed to this list for a while. I have found this list one
of the more interesting and constructive I have been involved in.
As for posts not getting attention I guess this is a bit like
striking up a conversation, sometimes a lack of interest in the
topic, not having the time or knowing little on the topic may be
at issue. Personally, I respond to a topic if I have the time
and try to repay the assistance others have offered me by passing
on something of my experience for what it is worth.


Bob Green