To Dr. Green and the Kelly Cult
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 22:29:14 -0500
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Dr. Green.
Now that you have finished your grandfatherly advise, try =

turning to the real issues here. Years of research have been =

ignored. A person who devoted much to construct psychology =

was frozen out of a career by the bandwagon. How many others =

have been so dismissed.You do not know. You can never =

know. How much of the literature have you actually studied? =

Typical of the bandwagon, you fix on a very minor procedural =

detail in all the postings I have made. You want to make it look =

like I am just whining about not getting attention and praise in =

a few people's poorly thought out postings. Try being ignored =

for twenty years. Trying carrying a dead child from a hot house. =

Do you have a job? Have you put 20 years of reseach and =

education into construct psychology?
You say you are not in academics. How do you know =

what goes on among the professors? You don't. So why do you =

presume to tell me what is proper. You are hiding behind a =

superficial image of objectivity and maturity. You are playing =

doctor and you probably have some investment in the bandwagon. =

I am tired of the lies and superficial dismissals of human suffering. =

I am tired of seeing the resources of universities and science being =

squandered so that people like you can condescend to the little =

people who cannot protect themselves from bad people. I recommend =

that you start reading deeper into my and other postings. Try =

underlining each construct that occurs in a posting. Then, don't let =

your sage like mind come to any conclusions until you go down the =

list of constructs and address each one. True you may make a few =

mistakes (we all do) and some people may try to dismiss your very =

life as irrelevant as a consequence. But be strong. They are evil people.=

They do not care about truth and goodness.They think such things are =

sophomoric and uncoeth. When you reread my postings, tell me =

about rotting flesh and death threat theory. Tell me about the potential =

and any flaws in the method of corresponding regressions in grid =

research. Tell me about logical consistency and integrative complexity. =

Maybe you think you are too important to stoop to consider my work. =

How many other personal construct psychologists works have you =

ignored in your rise to competence? Maybe you think science just =

is an old boy club. You seem to presume that I am seeking =

confirmation from people like you. I do not want your shallow =

psychotherapy and social confirmation. I do not want your patronizng =

approval. I want the lies to stop. I want PCP to either start taking =

responsibility for what it is and has done or I want to blow the whistle =

so loud on the bandwagon that the journal and book publishers and =

subscribers and young people will drop the Kelly cult and run. I want =

the community of scholars to take a deep look at the difference =

between the Kelly Cult and Kelly's work. Then the "quality" you =

allude to will be evaluated by people who really are competent. =

Try, try real hard to understand. I do not want to join the club. =

I want the truth. =


Dr. Chambers