Re: re: PCP List censorship

John M Fisher (
05 Mar 96 19:34:01 EST

Devi argued for freedom and Jack countered with the ability to remove
"offenders" from the list. I agree with Devi, by removing people we do not
agree with we are condoning a form of abuse I find hard to come to terms with.
Surely the answer is not to respond to vitriolic attacks (difficult as this may
be) and to "ignore" them. we should only respond to the coherent discussions
which will expand PCP- we are all the gamekeepers (sheriff's?) of our own
messages. The current "lies/truth" debate has provided some interesting
responses once the self aggrandisements have been weeded out which have been
worth the bandwidth.
As previous interject of mine stated I am not in favour of personal attacks
which do nothing for PCP as a whole or any of the participants in particular. I
do, however, feel that censorship of this nature is not a positive step. it is
up to us to censor ourselves - difficult as this may be.
john f.