Re: The thread, The gauntlet & My view

Cross MC (
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 14:14:03 +0000 (GMT)

Dear PCP mailbase participants,

In view of recent postings:

I could ask why no one appears to *care* if I don't comment on their
postings on this net.

I could electronically get a list of all the subscribers to this
mail-base and feel personally *insulted* by each of them every time they
fail to respond to my every posting.

I too, could protect myself from the pain of *rejection* from peer refereed
journals if I didn't submit my work.

Such choices are open to me. Fortunately as I am a Kellian, so too are
other choices. I favor, as a general rule, choices which optimise my
chances for personal ~validation, maximise opportunities for ~growth and
foster significant ~connections with others.

>From my unique, albeit insignificant, perspective, my choices are working
OK for me so far. As a "good" Kellian (see Walker, unpublished paper on
Kelly and Values) I shall continue to keep what works and let go
of what doesn't.

If someone knows how I might be able to better achieve my personal aims
(~thus indicated above) through making sense of events in
terms of others lack of care, insult and rejection they could let me
know. Until such time I will however be forced to continue to make sense
of my world in my usual happy-go-lucky (yes, at times provocative) kind of

Regards malcolm (c. cross)

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