Bob Smells the Roses
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 10:21:33 -0500

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Bob Smells the Roses
In Bob's recent inflammatory posting to
Hemant, he validates much of my case
against the bandwagon. First he says
the death threat arguments happened
long ago. But I'll bet he still puts his death
threat publicatons on his vita. He is still
riding on his reputation of "expert on death
threat theory." He suggests that the truth
of ten years ago is no longer relevant to
today. He suggests that the net is not for
intellectual discourse. Perhaps he thinks
it is just for advertising commerical products
and as a travel agency for the next vacation
conference, to which he and his buddies =

will get a freebie? =

Now he wants to take it easy and smell
the roses with his family. Bob should try
smelling them in the grave yard, like
some of the victims of death threat theory
have been doing and will continue to do-
so long as primadona therapists read his
books and dump their incompetence on
patients. Bob does not want to take
responsibility for the ramifications of his
sophistical theorizing on death threat
theory. This suggests he does not really
care about the people he says should
have benefited from death threat theory.
He wants to smell the roses, now that he
is the king of construct theory and the
lesser beings are left to try to make =

sense of his table scraps.
Then Bob says he has not said anything
about my character on the net. Bob
suggets my postings have been
contemptuous and enraged and that he
will not use the net for cathartic purposes.
That's kind of like saying Bill is nuts and =

dumping his irrational anger on to poor Bob. =

He avoids the many points I have made
concerning many issues of no direct
relevance to his character. He also has a =

long history of avoiding points of direct
relevance to his credibility as a scholar. =

In his grandiose self centered way, he
thinks that I want to hear his approval =

on everything I post. I do not want or =

expect him to respond to every point I
make. I don't think he is capable of it.
But true to the bandwagon grid, he
wants to pull all the ranks under his
central domain. In doing so, he
distracts us from more interesting
issues, like logical consistency,
integrative complexity, corresponding
regressions, superordinacy, freedom,
and all the other issues that have been
addressed in recent postings.
In the past Bob has relied on vague and
incidental defenses to shrug off my
criticisms of things of which he is
supposed to be the master. I certainly
would not like to have his sophistry =

clutter up my discussions with others.
So Bob, you have my blessings if you
want to just be quiet and smell the roses.
But Bob, you did jump into my conversation
with Lois and others. And here we are.
You are telling us that you do not have
time for an insignificant nut like Bill.
Well then go smell the roses and hope =

your friends do your dirty work for you.
Leitner has just weighed in with his =

pompous declaration that it is he who the
JPSP types come to as the master on
construct theory and that he has not been
following the postings, until of late. I
guess I am supposed to feel terror at the
thought of Larry Leitner finally joining the =

conversation. So far Larry, you've said that
you have powerful connections, that your
roof leaked, and that you are interested in
the truth. Well have at it buddy. What do
you think of death threat theory? How about
the other topics I have discussed, while you
were away being a famous PCP gatekeeper?
Do you think we could generalize death
threat theory to seduction and divorce
theory? Crank up that massive intellect
and show us lesser beings the truth =

according to Larry.
Sometimes I wonder what it must be like
to be a student reading these postings. =

You dare not say anything against the
bandwagon. You do not want to end up
like Bill Chambers. I do not blame you for
keeping quiet as students. But after you
get that PhD, you are one of us. Society
will look to you as the protectors of truth.
A PhD who cares more for smelling the
roses than for the truth is a lie. Somebody
pays for the lie. So sharpen your teeth and
get ready, for you too will be a grown up
someday, and have knowledge of good and
evil. What you make of it will determine the
dignity you seek, when some insignificant =

little man like Bill Chambers or your own =

true self crystalizes in the mist and =

says "Tell the Truth,...." =

Bill =