Re: Bob Smells the Roses
Wed, 20 Mar 96 14:05:49 +0500


I am going to be as clear as I can. You have made choices regarding your
conduct in PCP online discussion. You have declared that your conduct is
not by accident and that it will further your cause in pursuit of justice
and the voice of one opposed to the "bandwagon". It has not worked well for
you or your cause in my case. In as much as you are unable to separate your
hurt from your academic expose and arguments I cannot find a way to trust
your judgement as free from irrational basis. Your inability to converse
otherwise has brought me to the point that I will no longer read your
contribution nor respond to your efforts. It isn't that I am not
compassionate for you as a person but rather that I cannot trust the
contribution of bitterness you cannot bring yourself to be without. I am
not of the bandwagon, but that is immaterial. I am sorry to convey such a
negative message, but I thought perhaps you might make use of the feedback
on the outcome of your elected conduct in one person's case. I dare to
think there are others like me.

Duane Steward, D.V.M., M.S.I.E., Fellow A.A.V.I.
Fellow in Medical Informatics
Clinical Decision Making Group; Laboratory for Computer Science; M.I.T.