Re: Cushman's book - a review
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 13:02:16 -0500
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I wish I had written your comments to Lois concerning
Cushman. Beautiful! I might disagree, however, that
construction is just a language game. In my masters
thesis I tried to develop construct theory from the
ideas of "deep structure". Of course this entailed =

Chomsky. But I found a fascinating set of lectures that
Leonard Bernstein did at Yale, concerning the deep
and surface structures of music! The same logical
patterns that frame our verbal languages also make up
the texture of music. So unless we think of music as a
kind of language, then it is inaccurate to say
construction is based in language. Some construction
is musical. We coordinate notes into chords, chords
into symphonies; Fragments into Concerted Wholes.
We can then experience these wholes as gestalt unities.
We could go on to the structures in the graphic arts,
as well as in performing arts, like The dance. From
there we could go to other forms of assimilation and
expression. Even to behavior in general. Aren't the
ideas of structure and action (coordination) more basic
to what you are saying, than is the term language? =

And if we see the same patterns of coordination in
our empirical observations of many domains, why not
credit existence with some of that coordination,
wholeness, and fragmentation?
I have not studied Wittgenstein and Co. Correct me
in my ignorance.