Re: Cushman's book - a review
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 16:00:28 EST

Bill Janie writes:

> I might disagree, however, that
>construction is just a language game. In my masters
>thesis I tried to develop construct theory from the
>ideas of "deep structure". Of course this entailed =
>Chomsky. But I found a fascinating set of lectures that
>Leonard Bernstein did at Yale, concerning the deep
>and surface structures of music! The same logical
>patterns that frame our verbal languages also make up
>the texture of music. So unless we think of music as a
>kind of language, then it is inaccurate to say
>construction is based in language....
>... Aren't the
>ideas of structure and action (coordination) more basic
>to what you are saying, than is the term language? =


Yes, I agree with the thrust of your assertion here. I tend to think
of language as but one of the tools that helps mediate our thinking,
behavior and experience, but there are many others. I think it is a
mistake to try to reduce human activity to any specific or single mode
or element (e.g. language, even if language and linguistically coded
meanings often function as the vehicle of our thinking).

Mike Mascolo