Distances and Ingrid

CSU (csu@brain.wph.uq.oz.au)
29 Mar 1996 08:57:53 -0500


I do not profess to understand fuzzy logic/sets etc, though you did clarify
my question regarding Euclidean distance. Regarding my question about the
Ingrid option in Circumgrids, the reason I asked this is because I have some
grids which were analysed for me in Ingrid. When I analysed these grids in
Circumgrids, the results appear quite different, e.g., the size of loadings
and the signs, the latter are usually comparable for component 1 but vary on
the other components (they are not simply reversed). All I can think of is
that Ingrid analyses constructs and elements together, whereas your Slater
option analyses them separately, hence the differences.

Presently I am making enquiries regarding a p.c version of Ingrid, I can let
you know regarding this,


Bob Green