Thu, 28 Mar 1996 18:46:39 -0600 (CST)

Dear PCPers:

I've been inactive on the mailbase for a while, for pretty good reasons, but
decided it was time to speak up. My experiences with PCP folks have been very
different from those Bill has recounted ad nauseum here. Yesterday, I
successfully defended the first PCP dissertation in the history of ed. psych at
my institution. Long before the recent maelstrom began, I had written my
acknowledgements page, from which I quote:

I also acknowledge the ongoing support of the Personal Construct Psychology
community, especially those who contribute through the Internet mailbase to my
continuing education as a constructivist.

Thanks, everyone. There are may here whom I met at NAPCN who astonished me by
not treating me as a middle-aged graduate student from a college of education.
This was what I anticipated. Instead, I found a warm and welcoming academic
community who were prepared to judge me on the basis of my ideas. Over the
past 2 years, I have gained immeasurably from this forum. Those of you who
have responded privately and patiently to my using the mailbase to try on ideas
and concepts know who you are -- and if I haven't expressed my gratitude
adequately, I'd like to do so now. Often I have not commented on various
discussions, but have followed them closely and incorporated what I have
learned into my own work -- so I thank all of you who contribute thoughtfully
and reflexively to the mailbase.

It has been very difficult over the past few weeks to see the mailbase
sidetracked from what I have needed it to be, and what it has been for me. Can
we somehow get on with what we're really all about here? No telling how many
other grad students there are out there who can benefit from the collective
wisdom and open exchange of ideas which has characterized this forum as long as
I've been part of it.

Yours truly,

Suzanne Huffman, Ph.D, ABH (all but hooded)