To Big Daddy Raskin
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 19:43:41 -0500
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Sixteen Years of PCP Harrassment and Abuse- and Counting
Dr. Raskin is correct in thinking that just
little-ole-anybody-me would have something to
say about his elitist harrassment of me. First of all, =

Dr. Huffman attacked me and indoing socharacterized
all the mathematical and psychological comments
I have made, as well as my very accurate
observations on Big Daddy Raskin's bandwagon,
as nauseating. Now I know she is a middle aged
girl but she is a doctor now. Let her speak for her
self, big daddy. And if you really want to talk about
harrassment, why not comment on the sixteen years
of abuse I have encountered, largely because of =

your buddy Franz. How about the recent =

characterization of me as a terrorist. (Are ya'll really
that afraid of truth and logic?) =

The APA Ethics concern the pursuit of truth and the
supportive treatment of students and patients. If the
APA is just a guild for people like you; John, then I
have another reason for not joining them. My first
was the cigarette and booze commercials they use =

to pump into my generation who read Psychology Today.
Sounds like they should practice what they preach,
I heard a recent quote of an APA president
back in the 1960's saying black people should just accept
that they are mere visitors in our Western culture. That
was back when I was a liberal white boy in the Delta.
The white sheet bandwagon did not scare me down =

then and it will not now. I am scheduled to present a
symposium paper on Group Psychological Abuse at the
next APA conference. If I and our message are shunned =

as I was at two PCP conferences, I will continue to =

refuse to join the APA. We'll see. =

So you want others to throw "just anybody with a =

computer " me off the net.. or you'll just up and quit.
You are a prime example of the bandwagon. You
completely ignore all of the things I have done in
PCP over the past 20 years. Now I've hit your
Oedipus complex. The Women! But I worry about the
victims of girl doctors and little Oedipus doctors. =

You are so choked by your own castration anxiety
that little Super Ego things like truth are just too
politically incorrect. Grow Up John. If you can not
handle me on the net, how do you think you can help
your patients handle aggressive people in their lives.
You could shut my complaining up just by engaging
me in intellectual conversation and refraining from
insulting me.
I am so glad I am married to a woman who has a
higher IQ than I. And she is a real Penelope.
Courage, compassion, integrity. She would weave
for eternity before sucking up to someone like you. =

Man I am blessed. She helps me have respect for
grown up women, and disgust for those who hide
behind Big Daddy. The best professor I ever had
was a woman EdD at the University of Florida. She =

retired before you came. She would have seen
straight through you. You ain't no Odysseus, boy.
You are a suitor complaining about this "just
anybody" beggar in the Banquet Hall. =

I am sorry that you have had enough. I had so hoped
that we could discuss integrative complexity, logical
consistency, corresponding regressions, death threat
theory, the Personal Construct Inventory, abstraction
versus construction, and all the other things your massive
intellect has felt unworthy of comment. Let's hope =

the door is not locked yet. Some people
might get the impression that you are just playing doctor.
Just Anybody but Not Groveling among the Elite,
Dr. Chambers