Re: To Big Daddy Raskin

Sat, 30 Mar 1996 00:40:02 -0600 (CST)

In response to Bill's hostile last post, in which, as I expected, he attacked
me personally: Need I say more?

Is this the kind of behavior we wish to condone and accept by simply allowing
it to go by without response? Perhaps I am encouraging him by giving him
attention with my responses to his venom. However, I feel strongly that
e-mail harassment is unacceptable in a forum such as this. I have no
problem with Bill presenting his theory and research ideas. But I do
have a problem with Bill, or anyone else for that matter, using the mailbase
as a means to personally attack its participants. I cannot speak to Bill's
past hurts (I have never met the man). However, I have witnessed his behavior
on this mailbase, and I will continue to strongly assert my belief that he is
behaving in ways that should not be tolerated. You read his last message, in
which he insulted, attacked, and abused me. Does not anybody share my
disgust over this kind of behavior? Will no one stand with me in opposing
such things? Are we all too scared to confront the abuser?