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Sat, 30 Mar 1996 11:50:01 -0600 (CST)

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>Subj: RE: "Torture" Chambers

Sy wrote:

>> Any ideas that you have as to how this blight can be handled, I'd be
>>happy to >hear.
>I,for one, simply hit the delete key and leave his mail unread.

Until recently, this has been my choice -- and I mean this in terms of GAK's
corollary -- and I intend to resume this method. So Bill, flame on if it helps
you elaborate your system, but I'm not reading another single word you write.
As soon as I see your address in the header, that post is history.

Now, to those of you whose construing is a bit tighter, can we _please_ get on
with what this list has always been about? A couple of times in the past, Jim
Mancuso has come through with a new topic to get the ball rolling. So Jim, if
you're reading this, or anyone else with a bright idea... Can we find something
else to talk about?

Thanks to everyone who posted me here and privately. Forgive me for sounding
like Forest Gump, but _my_ mama always said, "Consider the source," and that
advice has served me well through the years. Right now, I've got a couple of
figures to reformat, then I have a hot date with Kinkos and some 100% cotton
paper. I sincerely hope that when I log back on in a few days there will be
something more interesting to read, like something about PCP...

Yours truly,

Suzanne Huffman

>Sy Balsen
>School Psychologist
>Ichabod Crane High School
>Valatie, New York