Women have Brains, Too

Sat, 30 Mar 1996 10:20:18 -0500

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Women have Brains, Too
If I were a woman, I would be insulted by the recent
postings from Neimeyer, Raskin, Devi and Anderson.
Now here's what happended, folks. Dr.Huffman
announced her graduation.We are all happy for her.
She should have thanked those who helped her. But
she had to go and insult me. I have never spoken with
her, nor did I know of her. After she characterized me
as nauseating, I whopped her arrogant back side with
the blunt of my sword. She hollered that I was insolent
for daring to send her off on her way from the battle field.
She should have kept her mouth shut if she did not
want a fight. =

Enter Tortured Bob, Big Daddy Raskin, Howling Devi =

and Tim of the Contorted Logic. You would not honor
the new doctor by letting her fight the battle she =

started with me. You were patroninzing. The good
Doctor has a Brain. She is not just a female body,
who smiles at your Oedipal strutting. Do not insult =

Penelope by suggesting all middle aged female
doctors are incapable of taking what they dish out.
If they are not so capable then they should not be
doctors. This may reflect poorly on Memphis State,
rather than on me.
Now little boys, you want me out of the banquet
hall. You are calling for reinforcements to get this
big bad man out of Penelope's house. Be careful,
the Swineherd Eumaeus is watching you shun the
old beggar, in your panic. Be informed little Oedipus,
everytime you kick me,I kick back. Be my friend and
I will be yours. But the truth is the truth, whether you =

and I are friends or not. =

Bob, I had a look at your posting on the
Romanticism. Interesting. Ten years ago I
argued for a lattice of selves having internal
consistency. Back then- when I was a new PhD-
you dismissed my community of selves approach,
saying I did not know PCP. At that time, you and
the bandwagon were advocating the de-differentiation
of selves in order to reduce threat. Hitler did the
same thing, when they marched to Russia. Bob,
when did you decide that the nexus approach with
coherence and consistency were important? How do
you measure consistency? Does the nexus possess
lattice structure? Did you change your views before
or after ya'll decided to destroy my career? Without
publications in JPSP, a personality psychologist can
not get tenure, at least not at the university I worked.
You want to know what torture is- try being
unemployed with a sick kid.Try working in academic
dumps, where stupid students and faculty, especially
if they are whinning women, are expected to be given
A's and power they have not worked for. You are not
unique in your contribution to the degeneration of
academic standards. You are quite typical in fact.
Yuppie science and scholarship have gone the rounds.
I would rather chop wood than be like you and your
followers. =

Dr. Huffman. If you want to fight with me. I am ready.
I would rather, however, hear about your dissertation.
What did you discover!