Re: PCP and movement

James Mancuso (
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 23:17:06 -0500


Would it be of help for someone interested in movement and
construct systems to consider that we should think of any movement as a
matter of making anticipatory constructions which are then "matched" as
a test of the validity of the anticipatory construction.
Thereupon, would it be useful to think that the most basic of
the movement related constructs used in making these anticipatory
constructions would be DOWN-UP; LEFT-RIGHT, NEAR-FAR.
Then, we could relate all kinds of subordinate constructs to

A good place to look for a discussion of these kinds of things
would be in some of the "older" literature -- Piaget, Hebb.

I have no idea if people who think of sport and skilled movement
think in these kinds of terms. I like to use the rather unstrenuous
sport of dart-throwing as a prototype. Doesn't that "sport" exemplify
the use of those superordinate constructs and a whole range of
superoridnate constructs -- retinal size of object (NEAR-FAR);
Contraction of arm muscles (High contraction-Controlled relaxation),

What is your reaction to these suggestions??

Jim Mancuso