Re: intersubjectivity (was crazy people)

Mancuso, James C. (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 16:17:09 -0400

Jones, Tim, Gary, etc.
On several occassions I have been tempted to divert myself from several
involving projects to join in the thread you are running -- but, alas, I
feel quite pressed.
Thus, a quick note to indicate that you are being followed, and that
the discussion can stimulate...
Though I am reluctant to do so, I would like to suggest that you might
find our (T. Sarbin and JCM) book on schizophrenia to be useful. One of
our involving projects moves us toward revising the text... If anything,
I believe that our contextualist/constructivist approach to construing
outlandish, unwanted behavior would find greater acceptance in 2000 than
it did in 1980...

Best ........... Jim Mancuso

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