Re: addresses

Mon, 14 Apr 1997 18:40:51, -0500

-- [ From: Gregory T. Stanton * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi Jonathan-

Try this address for David Epston :

Family Therapy Centre
6 Goring Rd.
Auckland, NZ

Greg Stanton, MA, NCC, SAC tel (201)985-8166
845 Bergen Avenue fax (201)569-7504
Suite 192 e-mail
Jersey City, NJ 07306-451745

"The physical world is, in some general sense of the term, a deduced
concept...Our problem is, in fact, to fit the world to our perceptions,
and not our perceptions to the world." - Alfred North Whitehead, 1929.

"Maybe the target nowadays in not to discover what we are, but to
refuse what we are...we have to imagine and to build up what we could be
to get rid of this kind of political 'double bind', which is the
simultaneous individualization and totalization of modern power
-Michel Foucault, 1982.