Re: Lacanian Psychotherepy and female desire

Su McLain (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 21:46:47 -0700

Chris Evans wrote:
> On 14 Apr 97 at 20:16, Vicki Martin wrote:
> It was suggested through POWRL that I contact members of the PCP
> > list for information on the following. I am a student at the
> > University of Hawai'i majoring in psychology.
> >
> > I am in the process of writing a paper for a graduate level feminist
> > theory class dealing with Lacan's theory of psychotherapy, and its
> > value in describing female desire. My question is two part, first
> > is there another theory out that that adequately explains female
> > desire. The second part of this question is, is there a theory that
> > does this without delving into psychotherapy and the unconscious. I
> > will be eternally grateful for any help with this.
> >
> Wow. Having had the most wonderfully supportive response to my admin
> message of this morning I am taking my admin. hat off for a moment!
> I'm fascinated that Vicki was advised to come here! What's POWRL?

POWR-L is the Psychology of Women Resource List (Divison 35 of APA).
Quite a number of psychology profs from around the U.S. write notes on
the list which ranges among a number of topics, including the discussion
of "false memory syndrome", teaching gender studies, etc. As a
subscriber to both this list and POWR-L, I suggested Vicki post her
question about molesters/abusers on this list, and also directed her to
a 1995 J. of Constructivist Psychology on the topic of how abusers
construe themselves.

Thanks for the good discussions. I mostly listen, since I'm trying to
complete my dissertation.

Su McLain