Re: Compliance, Identification & Internalization

Yogesh Malhotra (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 02:50:45 -0400

Based on a preliminary understanding of Kelly's PCT and related
works, I am attempting to understand the human personal
construction processes as they relate to notions such as Kelman's
"compliance, identification and internalization". One way of
thinking about it could be in terms of the degree of assimilation of
any new construct with one's existing system of constructs. A high
degree of assimilation could be considered analogous to
internalization of that construct, whereas a low degree of
assimilation may suggest compliance [marked by anxiety and conflict,
seeking some sense of that construct].

Will appreciate if any of you can suggest any lines of thought on the
above issue, i.e., how to think about "compliance, identification and
internalization" in terms of Kelly's PCT. Although, I have been
scanning through the PCP citation list and the UoW database, the
titles of the articles do not seem to address this specific issue.


Yogesh Malhotra
Ph.D. candidate