Re: Intersubjectivity

Bob Green (
Sat, 3 May 1997 21:40:52 +1000


Regarding your post,

>Your examples are exactly what I meant by the challenge of construing
>appropriately, not merely reading, what is written.

The problem is determining whose reading is the appropriate one?

>Precisely. But first we must know that we can, and then we must want
>to, and then we must learn how, and then we must do it. For many of us,
>this appears to be so daunting a task as to practically not exist.

This is more complex than it might seem. People can change without the
above processes occurring, e.g., as a result of some trauma etc, though
there must be an interaction between event, the individual and their social
environment. Generally, for change to occur a person has to believe it is
possible or at least want to change in some way. However, learning how and
doing is much easier said, than done. I don't believe change is as easy or
straightforward as this, though I accept that you may not be suggesting it
is easy. Rather, I am suggesting that personal change is not like learning
to drive better. This has links to the discussion about the self, who and
how does change occur?


Bob Green