Re: Intersubjectivity 2

Bob Green (
Sat, 3 May 1997 21:56:54 +1000


I enjoyed your cat post and the issues you raise are interesting ones, in

>Now to falsifiability, I'm *not* sure that there's a way to do this in
>classical PCP fashion, because we're dealing with a *person* who must
>make a prediction about the world, and all we can do as psychologists
>is watch to see if the person is happy with the results or needs to
>revise the ol' construct system.

Playing with this idea, text 'A' might be highly meaningful to me and
allowing me to better anticipate my world etc. For someone else this text
is a boring read. Evaluating the text for its contribution to the world of
ideas is a bit different though, i.e., other criteria might be used other
than how productive or how it assists in anticipating the world. However,
as soon as I type this I can think of many exceptions eg books on
engineering, medicine and possibly even psychology. Perhaps one way to
approach this issue is to ask, how is this text useful and to whom?


Bob Green