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Lindsay Oades (
15 May 1997 19:42:46 +1100

Hi Bob,
this was an idea I was thinking about a while ago. It is still just thoughts
which grew out of comparisons from experience of 'working CBT with OCD' and
thinking about anxiety in personal construct terms.

Anxiety in personal construct terms is when the person experiences things
outside their range of convenience ie they cannot predict (and therefore they
feel anxious). They have the same hypothesis about what may happen and test it
out, over and over. The prediction that they will feel better is always
validated (ie by the behavioural compulsion). In this sense they are not bad
scientists. However, at a broader level, it could be said they are hostile
because over time the behaviour no longer works ie it is the predictable but
perhaps not the elaborative choice.

A further interpretation is that these people may be stuck somewhere in the
CPC cycle trying to decide- ie vacillation. Impulsivity may result as a
defence against the experiencing more anxiety- ie conduct the same experiment
to be validated rather than trying other options.

As I said these are just ideas. Tell me what you think/feel.

Lindsay Oades
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Hello Lindsay,

Thanks for the reply. Now that you have whetted appetite, can you say some
more about predictability and conducting experiments. I am sure that even
your CBT approach would have a touch of PCP to it, so any further comments
would be welcome. If you like I could provide some details of the case.