Re: Constructivism Course

Bob Parks (
Thu, 15 May 1997 07:22:58 -0500

Do you have references for the two studies you cited, on "episodes of
disillusionment" and "Pope and Denicolo"?

>A useful route to core construal and its stability that I researched
>recently is through
>change events of a kind that most people can access very easily: episodes
>of disillusionment. These could be directed to periods of life: about
>childhood, about adulthood or about oneself, significant others, etc. They
>illustrate nicely how one sometimes may and sometimes not move on and
>reconstrue, seen down the years. In my own research people differed
>greatly: some tripped up over the same core construal again and again,
>where others had moved on. It would make a good 'class' exercise, to
>compare and contrast.
>An alternative is Pope and Denicolo's (1993?) 'snake' which is to do with
>turning points in one's life, again events that have been a spur to
>Hope it goes well.
>Gwyneth Daniel