Re: Denicolo & Pope (1997): Sharing Understanding and Practice
Thu, 5 Jun 1997 15:28:37 +0000

Dear Colleagues, it has been really delightful to have heard on our
personal emails or through the mailbase from so many colleagues abroad who
would have liked to attend our one-day conference on the 21st of June but
would find the journey across or around the world a bit much!! They have
asked for copies of papers and I am letting them know that post conference
we will consider whether to produce them formally as a book or more
informally as a compendium. If others are interested, please let either
Maureen Pope or myself have your address and we will get back to you when
they are ready for distribution. In the meantime, the new EPCA book on the
same theme is hot from the presses and being well received so please let us
know if you would like a copy sent... it is 12 pounds sterling to EPCA
members and 15 to nonmembers with a sliding scale for post and packing...
thank you all for your interest...maybe some of you will be able to attend
the EPCA conference in Chester next spring - ask John Fisher for more
details on that. Pam D.