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Fri, 6 Jun 1997 12:05:59 +0100 (BST)

here is the final programme as promised. If you are presenting a paper, or
have registered to attend,
you have been sent a letter yesterday containing details on how to get to
the University.



Saturday 21 June 1997


9.00 Registration and Coffee

10.00 Keynote address:
Dr. Devi Jankowicz

11.00 Parallel sessions A and B

Session A. Reflection on Personal Constructs

1. The Repertory Grid as a Tool for Reflection in the Professional Development of Practitioners in Early Education.

Donald Christie and Joan Menmuir

2. The Self in Context: Counselling Clients Focus on their Worlds.

Gwyneth Daniel and Maureen Pope

3. Personal Constructs of Persistent Women Offenders.

Susan Power and Pauline Durrance

Session B. Reflections through Music.

1. The Use of PCP to Investigate Teachers' Responses to Children's Music Compositions.

Liz Mellor

2. 'Into Different Worlds': Constructing Meanings from Winding Rivers of Musical Experiences.

Pamela Burnard

3. Teachers' Attitudes towards Musical Play in Greek Nursery Schools.

Maria Ampartzaki

12.30 Lunch

1.45 Paralle sessions C and D.

Session C. PCP Techniques in Action.

1. Structural Analysis of Personal Career Constructs in Relation to the Process of Carreer Decision Making.

Chih-Yi Wu and Maureen Pope

2. The Uses of PCP Techniques to Verify and Validate Convetional Interview Data on Tutor Priorities and Approaches.

Mary Albanese

3. Researching Disability: Exchanging Stories, Negotiating Constructs. The Potential Contribution of PCT to the Development of Feminist Disability Studies.

Alessandra Iantaffi-Wallace

4. Resuscitating the Author: a Protocol for the Reflexive and Recursive analysis of Discourse.

Malcom Cross

Session D. Explorations in the Health Professions.

1. The Development of Shared Meanings by Students on Integrated Courses in Community Nursing.

Ann Ewens and Liz Howkins

2. The Appreciation and Use of Budgetary and Accounting Data: a Personal Constructivist Approach.

Derek Purdy

3. Intuition and Health Visiting Practice.

Lois Goding

4. Using Repertory Grids to Study NHS Decision Making in Nursing and the Therapist Professions.

Bill Lemmer

3.45 Tea

4.15 Review of sessions A and C, B and D and Closing Address: Prof. Maureen Pope and Dr. Pam Denicolo.

5.00 Close