The meaning of time

Esteban Laso (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 22:31:13 -0500

Hi all

I apologize if this is quite out of the regular thematic agenda; it's
surely a more metaphysical than psychologycal question. But I remember a
recent discussion about <reality> and how should we, as constructivists,
understand it. (I guess our question was <what should <reality> mean in our
regular discourse?>, not <what _is_ <reality>?) I'd like to take a look at
my metaphysical assumptions.
My question is: what do we mean when talking about _time_?
I have something in mind. We talk about _the_ past, not the past _events_;
and _the_ past is a far more comprehensive construct that _the things that
already had been_. Are we using a construct based on _what we can remember_
against _what we cannot remember_? Or is it _what is likely to have been
(because it would explain the things we see now) _ vs. _what is
unbelievable to have happened_?
These are only vague ideas. I would like to get your answers to throw
lights on the subject. (It's a very dark and cloudy one, I know!)

Esteban Laso