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Chris Evans (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 15:58:02 +0100

There was a thread about using "chat" channels to link up PCPers a
week or so back. All has not gone dead on that front. I had two
direct responses to my request for feedback. One person has/uses IRC
and has connnected to my IRC server here but he (Jason) gets there
when I'm asleep so there haven't been any chats yet!

There are five of us equipped with the free software that makes ICQ
chat possible. This has the advantage over IRC that the system
alerts you if people you know (who have approved such alerting) come
on line when you are on line. That makes it much more likely that
you'll make contact than with IRC, of course, it is also yet one more
"input" tray in all our busy lives. That hasn't seemed a problem so

I've used the ICQ template to put up a fancy WWW page about those of
us who are PCPers and ICQers. I'm happy to declare IRC users there
too if people want, and to add others who want, as and when they get
themselves the ICQ software.

The page is at:

That also points you to the source of the software (for Windows 3.11,
95 and NT4 at the moment, you can sign up at the mirabilis site for
notification of the forthcoming arrival of their MacOS and Java

On another note. Since my last admin message in mid May I've removed
the following dead addresses:
" cafe"
that had been subscribed to the list without a "human" name and is an
illegal email address. Not sure how it got through or who it was!

Neil Weinberg

Joel Philp (unusually, not response from the postperson
at to my enquiry)

Donna Hoff-Grambau Stop (her mailbox is still there, just overflowing)

If anyone knows how to contact these people and wants to explain to
them that they've been unsubscribed 'cos their address was
non-functional for over two weeks (my criterion for removal), please

The list continues to grow slowly. It had 316 members last Saturday
(I've set things up to give me the updated list every saturday!). It
continues to get about 2 joins for every 1 leave. We've had about
100 joins and 52 leavings since 9.i.97. Some of those may be the
same people leaving and joining as their Email addresses change.
Still seems like quite a high turnover on 316. Interesting to
recognise that the list is such a dynamic, self-reconstructing thing!

Best wishes all,


Chris Evans, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy,
Locum Consultant to the
Prudence Skynner Family Therapy Clinic,
St. George's Hospital Medical School, London University