Re: 1999 Congress

Bill Ramsay (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 09:27:56 +0100

Dear Fay

At 01:26 PM 6/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I think Berlin would be a wonderful idea for a Congress. You have my vote.
>I have lost touch with why Israel was cancelled - that would also have been

Count me in!

>As to an organisation to arrange these things. I voted against the idea
>last time and will do so again.


I'm with the sentiments, too.

>In my experience, personal construct people - whatever that breed might be
>- are not very clubable. Spence McWilliams put his finger on it in my view
>when he said that PCP preached anarchy. My vote is for keeping things loose
>even if that does bring on a little anxiety from time to time.

Presumably it won't make the real anarchists anxious, though? I'm intrigued
by the idea of 'not very clubbable' anarchists. If anarchism is about
anything, surely it's about people in groups? The anarchist as anchorite?
(The counsellor-therapist as anarchist?) There's a notion!

>Dare I say it? Long live anarchy!

What else?

>Fay (Fransella)



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