1999 Congress

Fransella-Hodson (100304.2275@CompuServe.COM)
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 13:26:09 -0400


I think Berlin would be a wonderful idea for a Congress. You have my vote=
I have lost touch with why Israel was cancelled - that would also have be=

As to an organisation to arrange these things. I voted against the idea
last time and will do so again. One of the principal ideas when starting
the Congresses was that they should never become "determined" by some
system. Don put it by saying that anyone at any time could create a
congress - whether any one would come to it was up to them. It always
seemed a good system to me that future meetings should be agreed at a
congress itself. For some reason this was not organised in a systematic w=
in Barcelona so as to enable such a meeting to happen. Perhaps that is a
good thing as it raises the issue of whether there should be another way =
doing things.

In my experience, personal construct people - whatever that breed might b=
- are n ot very clubable. Spence McWilliams put his finger on it in my vi=
when he said that PCP preached anarchy. My vote is for keeping things loo=
even if that does bring on a little anxiety from time to time. =

Dare I say it? Long live anarchy!

Fay (Fransella)