Re: Education Research with PCP

Bonnie L. Shapiro (
Fri, 27 Jun 97 7:28:31 MDT

Dear Karen,
I hope this article might be helpful. This area has been a focus of
my research:

Shapiro, Bonnie (1991) A collaborative approach to help novice
science teachers reflect on changes in their construction of
the role of science teacher, in Alberta Journal of Educational
Research, Vol. XXXVII, No. 2, June 1991, 119-132.>

I'd be very interested in hearing about the resources that you
have gathered. Might you be able to share them?

Bonnie Shapiro>

> I am interested in applying PCP to learn about teacher's constructions of
> their teaching practices and their constructs about learning environments.
> I have 2 areas of interests: 1. Early childhood education, and 2.
> teacher education. Thanks to all who have responded already.
> Any information or resources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
> Karen V. Lee
> The University of Bc
> <>

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