(Fwd) Re: Rep. Grid analysis

Chris Evans (C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk)
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 17:01:03 +0100

On 25 Jun 97 at 12:29, Peter Cook wrote:

> Can anyone recommend/supply/direct me to, a pc package that will
> perform a linkage analysis of constructs from a repertory grid?
> Peter Cook

I had missed this (behind with my Email traffic). I have most of the
public domain programs available at my grid site:


Richard Bell is indeed one of the world experts he's writing a new
package that will be free and usable on all DOS/windows machines which
should be available from the site by the autumn.

If you just want "linkage" in the sense of construct correlations then
just about any stats package will do this for you. It's also
generally possible to get them to do cluster analyses for you and even
principal component analysis though the latter.

The site will also put you onto things like the European Personal
Construct Association and the mailbase PCP list. Get in touch with me
if what's on the site doesn't explain things and doesn't answer your

Good to see this on psych-couns. I have a feeling that grids are
coming back into fashion as tools and they certainly have much to
offer for psychotherapy/counselling research!

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